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Siding Vs. Roofing- (The Homeowner’s Guide)

Posted by Builders and Remodelers on Jul 29, 2020 5:18:16 PM

As a homeowner, investing in your property is always a tightrope between cost and value.  With many homeowners buckling down on budgets, deciding which part of your home to invest in next has become a careful consideration.  Two projects that should be on your radar this summer are roofing and siding.  Here’s why -- not only can poorly insulated siding and roofing contribute to raising energy bills, but it could also lead to widespread damages for a homeowner.

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Top 4 Home Siding Options

Posted by Builders and Remodelers on Jul 20, 2020 11:03:29 AM

Siding is the protective material attached to the side of your home that helps shield against the elements. As the largest surface of your home, siding not only has an impact on things like insulation and air infiltration, but also a major influence on the overall exterior design.  As such, it should be one of the first places a homeowner examines when evaluating their house.  When looking for the best home siding replacement options, aspects such as R-Value and type of material should be first on the list. These are important factors, as they directly impact insulation, maintenance, protection and design.  That being said, here are some of the best options for your next residential siding project. 

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The Cons of Fibrex & Composite Windows

Posted by Builders and Remodelers on Jul 16, 2020 11:50:51 AM

Choosing the best replacement windows for your home is no small decision.  Not only does window replacement rank as one of the top home improvement projects in terms of ROI, but it also results in a widespread upgrade to your home. Windows have an immediate impact on ventilation, insulation, energy efficiency and resale value.  So it’s important to pick the right one.  That being said, Vinyl windows are one of the most extensive, versatile, energy efficient and widely implemented windows in the nation. However, they've been around for decades, allowing competing window materials such as Fibrex and Composite to emerge.  But are these options truly superior to Vinyl windows?  The numbers say otherwise.

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The Return on Investing in a Deck Addition

Posted by Builders and Remodelers on Jul 7, 2020 2:47:19 PM

As the warm weather starts to roll in, and millions of families remain confined to their homes, one of the most worthwhile investments you can make for your property is to add a new deck. Installing a new deck can not only come with a low final cost per square foot, but it can also increase the living area of your home, create a beautiful outdoor space for your family or guests to enjoy, and raise resale value. 

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The Benefits of Double Hung Windows

Posted by Builders and Remodelers on Jul 6, 2020 8:46:32 PM

Double hung windows are some of the most commonly used windows in the nation.  And for good reason.  While not only budget friendly, double hung windows are also versatile, durable and easy to customize, making them the ideal choice for new window installations or even window replacements. Builders and Remodelers has a wide variety of Double Hung Windows, all complete with the benefits and features listed below. 

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Why Roofing is Important

Posted by Builders and Remodelers on Jun 24, 2020 7:01:12 PM

For those looking to find the most important portions of their home to evaluate, look no further. Turns out your roof is at the top of the list when it comes to maximizing energy efficiency, while simultaneously serving as a building block for weather protection, insulation, and exterior design.  Furthermore, roofs have a large influence when it comes to resale value, as homes with outdated, insufficient roofs are more susceptible to energy loss, storm damage, and structural problems.  Here’s why you should care...

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New House Siding Brings ROI, Lower Energy Bills

Posted by Builders and Remodelers on Jun 12, 2020 9:58:53 AM

When we think of home improvement projects, siding replacement may not be the first project that comes to mind. Siding is an element of your house that typically blends in, becomes an indistinguishable part of the whole. This is precisely why it’s so important not to take it for granted - a simple investment in this forgotten -yet essential- fixture does more for a homeowner than you may think.

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Entry Doors, Door Replacement Yield ROI, Additional Benefits

Posted by Builders and Remodelers on May 28, 2020 11:14:00 AM


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Cost of New Roofs Offset by ROI; Resale Value

Posted by Builders and Remodelers on May 26, 2020 4:58:33 PM

Leaking roof? Missing shingles? Signs of weather damage? It may be time to consider installing a new roof. An old, ineffective roof will substantially raise the heating and cooling bills of a home, and can even cause serious structural damage over time. Additionally, the resale value of a home can pivot tremendously, depending on the age and structural integrity of the roof. While typical home roof replacement projects can take a few days to complete, the impact that a new roof has on the overall resale value and monthly energy bills of a home ultimately make the project well worth it.

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Examining the ROI of Vinyl Window Replacement

Posted by Builders and Remodelers on May 14, 2020 2:13:00 PM

Replacing the existing windows in your home is a project many property owners forget to prioritize. To new homeowners, it may seem daunting to plan and execute, especially if you have never been responsible for large improvements before. Even if one has experience in home upgrades, concerns over the expense can dissuade even the most confident renovators from taking the steps - which are easier than one might think - to take on the task. But can you afford to wait?

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