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Posted by Builders and Remodelers on Sep 16, 2020 10:39:49 AM
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When looking for the best exterior door companies in Minneapolis, it is vital to take a few different factors into account.  Product selection, door materials, security and installation efficiency are all critical aspects of any local door replacement company.  Overall, your entry doors serve as a main focal point for exterior design, impact total home energy efficiency, and even improve security.  Selecting a company that can match you with the right door is crucial.  


The Best Minneapolis DOor Replacements

When searching for the best door replacement options, consider  things like home age, local climate, and exterior design.  Ultimately, different geographical areas require different types of doors. The best entry door replacements in Minneapolis emphasize insulation, highlight existing exterior design, improve security, and promote energy efficiency. 

Insulate Minnesota Doors 

Minneapolis is known for warm, wet summers, and cold, snowy winters.   This means a replacement door in Minneapolis should emphasize insulation, as it will work to keep home temperatures consistent.  Comfortable temperatures not only raise living standards, but they have also been shown to decrease monthly energy spend as well.  Selecting a door with sturdy materials, such as wood or fiberglass, and pairing it with an efficient local door installation company, can ultimately provide a homeowner with the best insulation possible.

Provide Exterior Design Improvements

As we know, entry doors serve as a focal point for design. Depending upon when you last replaced your entry door, or even when you originally bought your home, it’s likely that there’s a larger selection today than there was at the original time of purchase. The evolution in the technology and processes utilized in constructing a new door has ultimately resulted in dozens of shapes, sizes, colors and pallets.  This provides a homeowner with true freedom over their exterior design. Furthermore, installing an entry door ultimately increases the perceived value of a home, and can result in additional returns at the point of resale. 

Improve Home Security

While an entry door ultimately serves as a crescendo for aesthetic taste, it can also serve as a gatekeeper for your home.  Updating your Minneapolis entry door can ultimately help reduce the efficiency of break-in attempts.  Studies have indicated that nearly 34% of break-ins occur through an entry door.  Luckily, the evolution of the technology and design behind replacement doors has not only allowed for design freedom, it has also raised security standards.  Today, force resistance, durability, impact glass and multi-point locking systems work to keep your home safe and secure.  

Create Energy Efficiency 

Energy performance ratings can ultimately be a very helpful tool to use when selecting new entry doors.  These ratings can inform a homeowner about which doors will ultimately provide the best returns in terms of energy efficiency.  While local climate patterns and door material will always be relevant to overall energy performance, things such as U-factor (the amount of non-solar heat that a door conducts,) solar transmittance (the ability to allow light in without letting heat in) and air leakage (the amount of air that slips around door,) are also good measuring tools for efficiency.  Utilizing energy performance ratings that are optimized for local climate and weather conditions can not only help narrow your options, but give you a better sense of the factors in your home that can contribute to higher energy bills. Many of Builders and Remodelers’ doors and glass panels are National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certified and ENERGY STAR qualified, ensuring that homeowners save money on energy, and improve efficiency.  


The Best Exterior doors in Minneapolis 

There are many types of different door materials to consider when replacing entry doors in Minneapolis, but, given the climate, a few remain superior for energy efficiency. The hot, sunny summers make Fiberglass, which is efficient at minimizing conduction, a good choice for entry door material. Meanwhile vinyl, which is proven to match up well against wind and rain, is also a good selection for the Minneapolis area.  As far as door types, sliding patio doors offer solid U-Factor ratings, while our security storm doors are built to match up against any weather Minneapolis has to offer. 

    1. Fiberglass Entry Doors

      Fiberglass doors are very common, and can be colored to match just about any palette. They are designed for durability, and also come with a unique aesthetic that fits perfectly into any home. Fiberglass doors are easy to clean, and often incorporate glass.

    2. Wood Entry Doors 

      Another common entry door material, wood can be shaped, stained and sized to fit any home.  Wood is versatile, and is known for its insulation abilities, making it a great choice for an aesthetic, durable replacement. 

    3. Vinyl Entry Doors

      Vinyl is an incredibly durable, breathable material that maintains its shape and integrity throughout all the seasons.  Vinyl doors also match up well against wind, rain, snow and debris, and are easy to clean and maintain.  Our vinyl doors are also energy efficient, and completely customizable for any homeowner. 


Invest in new doors

In our 60 years of serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding Twin Cities areas, one thing has become abundantly clear.  At Builders & Remodelers, Inc, we know doors.  As homeowners and professionals, we take pride in delivering the highest quality service, products and standards to every project, and place an emphasis on customer support, open communication, and quick turnaround times.  Our local door installation teams are experienced and versatile, meaning there’s no door we can’t install.  Check out some of our customer reviews to see what other homeowners have to say about our work.


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