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Posted by Builders and Remodelers on Jul 29, 2020 5:18:16 PM
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As a homeowner, investing in your property is always a tightrope between cost and value.  With many homeowners buckling down on budgets, deciding which part of your home to invest in next has become a careful consideration.  Two projects that should be on your radar this summer are roofing and siding.  Here’s why -- not only can poorly insulated siding and roofing contribute to raising energy bills, but it could also lead to widespread damages for a homeowner.


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As the shell of your home, it’s important that your siding is well insulated and structurally sound. Worn, insufficient siding can ultimately contribute to increased energy bills, and even widespread implications for the rest of your home.  As we roll through the summer months, if you’ve noticed that cooling costs are abnormally high, your siding may be the culprit.  In the summer, hot air can seep through cracks in siding, increasing the amount of cool air needed to maintain internal temperatures.  This can ultimately keep your air conditioners running longer, pumping out cold air that slowly leaks out into the summer heat.  

Evaluate your siding for any visual shortcomings.  Cracks, intense fading, or even mold can all be signs that it’s time to address your siding. Loose or warped panels can also be a clear cut sign that it’s time to make a change. Not only can visibly worn siding be indicative of potential insulation problems, but it can also be an early sign of dry rot.  Ultimately, this can turn into an expensive fix for a homeowner, as energy bills skyrocket and repairs become time consuming.  Furthermore, worn-down siding will also severely diminish the exterior design and curb-appeal of your home.  This can be a major factor when it comes time to re-sell.

As a homeowner, one of the major factors that will go into selecting a home improvement project is return on investment.  Nationally, the average vinyl siding replacement comes with a 77% ROI, which is a phenomenal initial recoup for a homeowner.  This return helps to offset a major portion of the project costs over time, while the monthly returns in lower energy bills from improved insulation make a nice addition. Builders and Remodelers has a wide array of siding replacement options, including James Hardie Fiber Cement, LP SmartSide, Vinyl and Steel, and has completed thousands of siding replacement projects.  Check out what our customers had to say about our local siding installation.


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If you’re not convinced that siding is the way to go with the home renovation budget, then let’s take a look at your roof.  Literally.  Conducting a visual inspection will allow a homeowner to spot cracked and warped shingles, which could ultimately indicate infrastructural, efficiency, or security problems.  Compromised shingles may also allow outside weather to enter a home, which could cause costly water damages if left unaddressed.  If you notice light coming through into the attic, or stark hot/cold spots closer to the roof, this could also indicate a problem with the insulation or structural integrity of your roof.  These are both clear-cut signs that it’s time to have a local roofing expert come take a look.

If your energy bills are higher than normal this summer, and it’s not your siding, then the roof is likely the culprit. As temperatures skyrocket through the summer, hot air rises within a home, and the roof becomes more and more responsible for insulation and ventilation. If your roof is older than 20 years old, it’s time to have one of our local roofing experts come take a look.  Even if your roof is under 20 years old, but visibly older than those on the surrounding homes, it can have a major impact on resale value.  The roof is one of the first places an inspector goes when evaluating the property value on a home. A house with an outdated, ineffective roof, will be flagged by real estate agents- clients will know that a roof replacement will need to be paid for.  

Those homeowners that choose to invest in a new roof can see an immediate return of over 63%, ensuring that a large portion of that investment is recouped during the resale.  In the meantime, our full-time roofing installation crew will provide you with an air-tight installation.  Pro Certified by Tamko and recipients of CertainTeed’s Master Craftsmen Certification, our roofing installation team gets the job done right.


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Ultimately the decision between a roof replacement and a siding replacement comes down to a home’s existing problems, what your neighbors houses look like, and how you perceive returned value.  Whichever route you choose to go, Builders and Remodelers has been in business for over 60 years, providing outstanding, high quality products and unmatched installation teams to the MN area.  

We cover all aspects of your roofing needs from roof installation and replacement, to maintenance and inspections.  With a range of options from CertainTeed, TAMKO, Timberline, Landmark, GAF, and Owens Coming, finding the perfect choice for your home renovation has never been more accessible.  We can also help keep your home looking beautiful with our range of siding options. Our installation teams tailor every service and project to a homeowner’s exact needs, ensuring a perfect installation every time. Meanwhile, our decades of experience help us select the best tools, materials and options for the job, ensuring a satisfied customer every time.  Reach out today and let’s get started!


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