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When we think of home improvement projects, siding replacement may not be the first project that comes to mind. Siding is an element of your house that typically blends in, becomes an indistinguishable part of the whole. This is precisely why it’s so important not to take it for granted - a simple investment in this forgotten -yet essential- fixture does more for a homeowner than you may think.

Siding (also known as wall cladding) is the protective material attached to the exterior walls of a house. It is the largest surface of the home, dwarfing such home improvement projects as roof replacement, entry door installation and window replacement, and is constantly exposed to the elements. Siding protects the house from water leakage, air infiltration, wind damage, debris, and even structural damage -- all while serving as a major part of the visual integrity of a home.  This means that investing in replacement siding can provide both an immediate exterior design upgrade and improve the everyday functionality and efficiency of your house.AdobeStock_333329785

2020 Cost vs Value Report;

Siding Replacement

Improvements to a home don’t just affect living conditions for you and your family -- they enhance real property value. Whenever making a choice around a renovation, the return on investment (ROI) serves as a major factor. The 2020 Cost vs Value Report by Remodeling Magazine Publisher Hanley Wood and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) aggregates data on the ROI for 22 different remodeling projects every year. Wood and the NAR leverage the expertise of top real estate professionals, the most authoritative market data analysis software and construction cost estimation software. The overall confidence interval is 95%, which means their cost-value ratio findings are within 1.6 percentage points of perfect accuracy.

The latest findings indicate that homeowners can expect to receive 56.4% of their total vinyl siding replacement costs back in property valuation. This means that you can offset over half the total costs of the project right off the bat. If the siding is fiber cement, this number can be as high as 68.52%. Other than initial property valuation inflation, other benefits of siding replacement can represent even bigger returns on your investment and can come in the form of consistent and substantial reductions in energy bills. After replacing the siding of a home, homeowners can expect to receive such returns as improved exterior design and curb-side value, improved levels of home protection and insurance, and airtight insulation. 


Benefits of New Siding


Exterior Home Design

Designers see exterior surfaces in terms of negative space; a clean canvas to highlight and display the architectural features of a given home. To that end, a designer will tell you that if the siding is shabby, worn, or even cracked, it can ultimately draw more attention than crisp, clean new siding. This can imply that if you have old, worn, or deteriorated siding, it is negatively affecting the overall curb-value of your home. 

When buyers are looking through images of home options, they are sifting through pages and pages of possibilities, and the first thing they’ll evaluate is the exterior. If the siding is damaged, worn, or grungy, see you later. You could have a beautifully restored kitchen, gleaming hardwood floors, or even a Great-Gatsby-sized ballroom in there.  But they’ll never know. The unfortunate assumption is that a poorly maintained exterior indicates a poorly maintained interior as well. The buyer surmises that it’s not worth their time, and moves on.

Whether you’re looking to improve the curb-value of your home before resale, improve property value, or simply upgrade the design of your home, there are plenty of options. As siding technology has continued to advance, the number of needs it can satisfy has evolved as well. Today, siding can be selected or even customized for energy efficiency, synonymous design, airflow, weather protection, and structural integrity. Builders & Remodelers has an extensive variety of high-performance siding options from Certainteed, LP SmartSide, EDCO, and James Hardie.  This means that whether you’re looking for the rich beauty of wood, or a more seamless vinyl look, we have the brands, styles, and colors to get the job done. Our professional residential siding installers are experienced, versatile and fast, and work diligently to ensure your new siding is both aesthetically appealing, and on the cutting edge of energy efficiency. 

Efficient Insulation

Speaking of energy efficiency, it’s a valuable upside of siding replacement, especially in areas such as the Northern Midwest, where the cold winters can highlight the improved, state-of-the-art insulation that comes with new siding. This means reduced air leakage, less time running heaters, and no more blankets in the living room as soon as the leaves start to change color. Replacing existing, ineffective siding, can yield both a high initial return as well as a sustained long-term return in the form of lower energy usage costs.

ENERGY STAR is a government program that helps consumers save money on energy costs, and prioritize the environment through superior energy efficiency. They advise that the most important thing to look for when purchasing insulated siding panels is their R-value. The R-value is a rating of how effectively a material can block heat transfer from one side to the other. The higher the R-value, the more effective a home will be in retaining warmth in the winter and reflecting heat in the summer.  Analyzing the R Value of a new siding or insulation option before making the purchase can result in increased return on investment, no matter the age of your home or area you live in.

Home Protection

The average total project cost for installing new siding sits between $5,000 and $10,000, depending on size, material, and installation.  While this initial figure can sound high, it’s ultimately far less daunting when compared to what “putting it off for the next homeowner” might cost you. The continued use of old, ineffective siding can usher severe cold drafts into your home, keeping energy bills high while simultaneously decreasing living standards.  Not only can cold air get in, but water can also seep through the cracks in the insulation, causing damage to wood, plaster, and electrical wiring. If left unaddressed, water exposure can then lead to severe structural damage, which can, in turn, end up costing you far more than a siding replacement project ever would. Additionally, the continued costs that become apparent in the accumulating maintenance and energy bills can, after a few years, end up surpassing the initial costs of the project as well. In the case of severe weather conditions, wind can catch onto cracked or damaged panels and begin to physically peel them off the house. Just one panel can end up taking a row of other ones with it, resulting in a severely diminished exterior design, and even the creation of dangerous projectiles flying across the yard. 

Modern, air-tight siding, that has been accurately fitted and installed, can ultimately prevent these issues from occurring. Yes, siding can be forgotten about until it starts costing homeowners dollars. And yes, siding may even be an afterthought in the world of home design until it starts to rot or peel from a home. But at the end of the day, it should be a project at the top of every homeowner’s agenda. With many expertly engineered and maintenance-free options available, the range of efficient and aesthetic choices is greater than ever. 

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How to Invest in Replacement Siding

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